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As is well known missing a dose of medication can be detrimental to the long term health plans set in motion by your prescribing physician. High Touch Pharmacy offers several programs and educational opportunities to aid in medication compliance and adherence.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of your therapy and to help you better manage your health we offer:

  • Private Consultations
  • Telephone reminders
  • Medication therapy reviews
  • Product training and delivery
  • Expedited Refill Services
  • Automated Patient Care Campaigns
  • Patient specific Compliance packaging
  • Medication Synchronization

Our pharmacists embrace the clinical role to help facilitate knowledge and a deep rooted understanding of therapies in order to help patients take medications on schedule as prescribed by their attending physicians and engaging patients in order to optimize medication adherence and compliance.

For your questions and concerns, you may reach us through 908-353-2000 or