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Providing assistance to ensure quality medical care services are delivered.

With a patient-centric model, our goal is to improve patient and provider relationships by offering support and programs to allow patients to fully manage their health.

What we can offer our partnering Medical Providers:

  • Help with Prior Authorizations: With Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA), we improve efficiency, efficacy, and ensure that patients are receiving their medications as soon as possible. The implemented EPA process allows us to reduce the stress and paperwork for our medical providers. We make the prior authorization process simple and even follow up with insurances, wherever necessary, to ensure that our patients are receiving a logical therapy to aid in the management of their health.
  • Patient specific delivery system: Patients can authorize shipments of medications to convenient locations and still be guaranteed expedited results at no additional cost. We will ship medications right to the patient’s home, doctor’s office, or clinical setting where the drug will be professionally administered.
  • Patient specific counseling and support: Skilled pharmacists and technicians educate patients on their medications. We encourage individualized counseling programs where we relay patient specific information to assist with better adherence rates.
  • Patient specific billing program: A multitude of programs give us the opportunity to offer financial and billing assistance. We aim to reduce our patient’s out of pocket cost of therapies.
  • Adherence and Compliance: Through counseling, personal support, and regular contact, we encourage our patients to adhere to their treatment regimen.
  • An Up-to-date source of pharmaceutical information.

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