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RX Referral Forms:
Rheumatology Rx Form
Transplant Rx Form
Multiple Sclerosis Rx Form
Hepatitis B Rx Form
Hepatitis C Rx Form
Dermatology Rx Form
Cardiovascular/Hypercholesterolemia Rx Form
Asthma & Allergy Rx Form
Pain Management Rx Form

Once we receive the completed RX Referral form, High Touch Pharmacy staff will:

  • Verify files and coverage from insurance (including co-pays) from the insurance provider.
  • Financial assistance support and authorization is provided to guarantee the patient’s access.
  • Both patient and physician will know the prescription status within 48 hours of notification/receipt.
  • High Touch Pharmacy will be contacting the customer in order to coordinate the details of the medication delivery. During their therapy, we will also be there to review the needed support services.
  • Our personnel will be discussing with the patient about the taken medications, its possible side effects, and to always reach out to us for any questions.
  • The client will have specialty care coordinators as partners throughout the duration of the therapy. This is for the purpose of monitoring and reporting side effects, maintaining adherence, and ensuring that available resources are made known to the client.