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Medication Management
Customized Compliance Packaging
Refill Reminders and Dose Reminders
Easy Refill Order – Call, Fax, Email, Web Order, IVR, App
Delivery Services

Pharmacist Consultation and Counseling
Ask the Pharmacist
Recommendation on Drug/Drug interaction, Drug regimens, and Dosage forms
Monthly wellness check

Financial Assistance
Financial and Billing Assistance (Co-pay Assistance)
Educate Doctors on co-pays and support with formularies to help identify the most cost-effective drugs for patients.

We understand that specialty medication could become a major financial burden for patients. We can find out if any financial assistance is available from drug manufacturers or nonprofit organizations. We will also help you to enroll in any available assistance program.

We will also work with your insurance company and doctor’s office to obtain a prior authorization to establishing a need for medication that will in turn become approved for drug coverage under insurance and reduces the cost of drugs.

Prior Authorization
With electronic prior authorizations, we improve efficiency, efficacy, and promptness in delivering results.


Quality Assurance
Support the physician plan of care and provide our services to enhance the patient practitioner relationship. Quality Improvement Program for consistent level of care.

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