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Our pharmacy specializes in complex and chronic disease management. We offer our customers specialty medications, basic prescription, and pharmaceutical services. Using up-to-date and innovative technology, you can rest assured that your health is well taken care of. Experience beyond basic care from us.

Mission Statement

As a state-of-the-art specialty facility, High Touch Pharmacy is committed to providing exceptional service to our patients. We seek to help our customers obtain quality prescription medications and healthcare supplies at affordable prices. With our high touch, high care, patient-centric model, we aim to exceed the standards set forth by the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to educate, support, and train all our patients in the management of their health. We will advocate on their behalf, provide individualized program tools to aid in compliance to therapies, and assist in the coordination of care. [ About Us ]

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Honoring Our Customers is Our Top Priority

For Patients

In need of medical supplies, assistance, or consultation? Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to help you.

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For Physicians

We offer support through programs that are made to make services more efficient, effective, and assuring.

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For Payors

We can help manage the health of our customers. Our team is well-trained to provide the right kind of assistance to you.

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For Manufacturer

Tracking trends through prescriptions, counseling, and medication utilization is one of the many services we can offer you.

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